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DOOM Retro is now compiled using v16.11.2 of Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019.
Optimizations have been made to further improve the overall performance and stability of DOOM Retro.
Minor changes have been made to text that is output to the console.
The framerate will no longer drop to 35 frames per second if the game is paused, or the menu or console is open.
A slight dithered effect is now applied to fade transitions when the fade CVAR is on.
A fade transition will now always be applied when exiting the help screen and the fade CVAR is on.
Translucency is now applied to megaspheres when the r_translucency CVAR is on.
The following changes have been made when the r_shake_damage CVAR is greater than 0% and god mode is enabled:
The maximum amount of time the screen will shake when the player is attacked has been reduced.
The screen will no longer shake if the player is in a sector with special 16 (“Damage -10% or -20% health”) or 4 (“Damage -10% or -20% health and light blinks (0.5 sec.)”).
Improvements have been made to the clipping of the bottom of sprites when in liquid and the r_liquid_clipsprites CVAR is on.
A bug has been fixed whereby an action couldn’t be bound to or unbound from the ; key using the bind and unbind CCMDs.
The background of the player’s face will now be positioned correctly when the facebackcolor CVAR is a value other than its default of 5 and the vid_widescreen CVAR is on.
Zooming in and out of the automap is now more responsive.
The M_LGTTL and M_SGTTL lumps will now be used as the titles in the load and savegame menus if replaced in a PWAD.
Further improvements have been made to the support for Chex Quest.
Further improvements have been made to the support for REKKR.
A bug has been fixed whereby par times weren’t being displayed on the intermission screen in some instances.
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