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Icon of Sin
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PB постепенно превращается во что-то абсолютно прекрасное

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Icon of Sin О да)

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Icon of Sin

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Если повезет, то лайтинг гун буит так выглядить.
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Интересно, можно ли сделать рандомизацию вскриков монстров. А то это "плей морталс" или как его, от каждого зомбаря - чет нет.
И лайтингу влепить урон в воде, аки у последней пушки из 1й кваки.
А вот спрайт апгрейда гана манкубуса - фигово совмещенные спрайты и только.
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Пэйнкиллер и влепил лайтингу механику стрельбы в жидкостях на манер Первой кваки))
Не спрайт апгрейда Манкубуса, а Унмейкер.

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А на счет его внешнего вида - на вкус и цвет все фломастеры разные.

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Чейнджлог последнего тестового билда.
Скрытый текст:

- Implemented the Unmaker's weapon special to switch firemodes. Currently there are only two
- Complete overhaul of the flamecannon, featuring all new sprites, animations, tweaked behaviors, sounds, etc. (brightmaps not finished yet)
- New upgrade: M2 Lightning Gun Mod. Primary fire is the lightning gun beam we all know, secondary fire is a stun bomb like Doom 2016. All monsters except bosses can be stunned for a duration of 4-5 seconds (this took awhile to make). Shooting the electricity beam directly into bodies of liquid (except lava) will have a much more devastating effect
- Bosses have a slightly smaller resistance to plasma weapons, in order to emphasize a bit more on heavier weapons such as BFGs, Unmaker, Railguns, etc
- Rebalanced the BFG 9000 and BFG 11K. Improved the effects on both primary fires, and SIGNIFICANTLY puffed the BFG11K Beam- it is now a viable weapon to hordes of enemies and bosses alike. Increased BFG 9000 impact and explosion damage as well.
- Many new animations, tweaks, adjustments to existing weapon and enemy behaviors; recoded the mancubus/daedabus flamethrower attack, hell troopers can now crouch and reload, tweaks/fixes to existing death animations, new headshot death for daedabus complete with its eyeball, new hellion attack sprites, etc.
- Fixed an issue where attacking an unsuspecting scientist will warp him across the universe for a stealth kill (lol)
- New Voxels for the Heavy and Light Tanks! Check them out!
- Reworked the head hit box system, adjusted existing head hitboxes for the hellion, nobles, revenants, and others. Head hit boxes were not responding correctly to a lot of behaviors such as the SSG, Railgun, and other weapons, resulting in rare occurences where shots would seem to not register. This bug as been fixed in this update, and head shots should behavior much more responsive and accurate now as a result.
- Reworked the SSG pointblank damage behavior, as well as fixed its problem registering in hit boxes. The SSG is now much more viable for headshots
- The Revolver, same as the SSG, inflicts considerable headshot damage as well. A well placed shot right in a Daedabus's eye will top it off
- Freeze death animations for Hellion and Daedabus
- Corrected several minor sprite errors regarding small giblets and various other animations
- Removed some unneeded files that were no longer used
- Tweaked sounds and animations for various missiles, fireballs, and projectiles
- Improved performance for Beam Revenant and Cyberdemon laser blast attacks by redesigning the projectiles
- Revamped generic plasma death animation for smaller enemies with new sounds, effects, and better performance (will apply to other enemies later)
- Incineration death animations will no longer have the victim slide away, for a more authentic animation
- Fixed issue with out-of-place explosion sound for certain burning enemies
- Removed out-of-place disintegration death for imps, as well as revamped existing generic disintegration deaths with better performance, sounds, and effects.
- Fixed some more issues from the bug tracker, will have to update (be patient, please.)

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А известно хотя бы примерная дата релиза?
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Тут надо сначала дождаться финального релиза БД 21.
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