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Ссылка на пост №1 Отправлено: 07.02.18 00:26:30

Занятный мод с RPG-элементами, затрагивающий практически все составляющие игры. Новые персонажи, арсенал, зверинец в наличии, равно как и авторские фичи. На мой взгляд на данном этапе мод напоминает лайт гибрид модов Kyle'sDRPG и Trailblazer.

Фичи и вводная информация
Скрытый текст:

Ванильные персонажи заменены двумя новыми - Морпех и Кибермаг, каждый обладает собственным арсеналом и способностями.

В целом, Морпех более живуч и имеет больше возможностей для аугментации.

Кибермаг же наряду с обычным вооружением и аугментациями также использует магию, работающую на отдельном ресурсе - мане. Также его стиль игры привносит стэлс элемент.

Навигация и управление фичами геймплэя, равно как и информация о них, расположены в удобном меню:

Меню в виде Computer/Brain Interface или вкратце C/BI, позволяет менять настройки игры, приобретать экипировку, улучшать ваши характеристики и проводить апгрейды снаряжения.

Имеются 4 категории апгрейдов:

Body upgrades - улучшают различные геймплэйные способности связанные с движением, защитой и информированностью.

Weapon upgrades - основные апгрейды улучшающие вооружение и\или добавляющие различные эффекты оному.

Extra upgrades - дорогие апгрейды фо фан.

Downgrades - "антиапгрейды"; за штрафы к вашим характеристикам вы получаете бонус к приросту валюты.

Shop - позволяет закупать амуницию, оружие и пауэрапы на данный момент.

Непосредственно вкладка C/BI отражает различные пассивные апгрейды, производимые путём нахождения различных PCB. Только через эти апгрейды Кибермаг получает новые заклинания, а Морпех - возможность активации топовых оружейных апгрейдов.

Вкладка BIP даёт доступ к различной информации.

Автор мода: Marrub aka Graham
Порты: GZDoom 3.5.0+
Режимы игры: сингл, мульти
IWADs: Doom, Heretic
Статус проекта, версия: в разработке (16.11.18), v1.6

Демо видео
Скрытый текст:

Скачать Lithium 1.6 мод
Официальная страница мода на github
Официальная страница мода на zdoom

Рекомендуемые дополнения
Скрытый текст:

DoomRL Monsters Lithium Patch V6.2
Монстр-пак для Дума из DoomRL Arsenal.

Shut Up And Lithium by iSpook V0.02
Монстр-пак для Дума; чрезвычайно опасные монстры, рекомендуется для тех кто ищет реальных вызовов.

Скрытый текст:

(Oct. 16, 2018) From 1.5.3 to 1.6:
+ Added a Japanese translation using a custom ZScript text renderer.
+ Added two new BIP categories, "Yourself" and "Items."
+ Added a Windows XP theme.
+ Added a bunch of quit messages.
+ Added an intro text to the title screen.
+ Added (optional) recoil to most weapons.
+ Added blinding light effects to the Star Destroyer's projectile.
+ Added inventory tetris.
+ Added sounds to the GUI.
+ Added notes section.
+ Added a voltage display to the Charge Fist.
+ Added cursor themes to the GUI.
+ Added an option to make shotgun slot weapons use ammo.
+ Added a new armor system using inventory tetris.
+ Added small score items to replace armor and health bonuses.
+ Added large score items to replace ammo boxes.
+ Added a new intermission screen.
+ Added a raindrops on screen effect.
+ Added bips.
+ Added a setting for not picking up ammo when full (on by default.)
+ Added a setting for not getting score for ammo (on by default.)
+ Added casings to weapons.
+ Added dynamic crosshairs.
+ Added indicators for where other players are in multiplayer.
+ Added two new levelup systems, "Auto" and "Hybrid."
] Hybrid is now the default.
+ Added new game endings, with original music by _sink.
+ Added a visual line for homing rocket tracers.
+ Added a big log setting for 320x240 screens.
+ Added an invalid configuration checker.
+ Added new gibbing animations for some monsters.
+ Added new attack effects for some monsters.
+ Added a bunch of new terrain effects.
+ Added new environmental effects.
+ Added new decoration interactions.
+ Added new bullet puff effects.
+ Added new blood effects.
+ Added a button for triggering shootable buttons or poking enemies.
+ Added new pickup noises for powerups.
+ Added an option to drop shotguns from zombies.
+ Added the ability for monsters to level up.
+ Added an option to show the player's level on the HUD.
+ Added a new SSG reload animation.
+ Added an idle sound for the Star Destroyer.
| Fixed countless stability issues.
| Fixed pause in menus taking effect in multiplayer.
| Redid a lot of internal code, fixing tons of bugs in the process.
| Fixed some effects not respecting the object's scale.
| Fixed issues with monster resurrection.
| Fixed Marine's HUD text being inconsistently colored.
| Made Romyetya and Blade stop you mid-air.
| Made the spell selector hold the player's view in place.
| Renamed "Pr" to "Perf" for clarity.
| Made weapon sell messages respect stupidpickups.
| Improved the Combat Rifle's feel and sound.
| Improved layout of UI in general.
| Consolidated CBI tabs.
| Replaced the slot 1 spell selector with a mana siphon.
] The spell selector can still be used with Special Action.
| Nerfed Reactive Armor.
| Nerfed rifle grenades.
| Improved revenant attacks.
| Fixed the Ion Rifle auto-aiming too much.
| Fixed spelling of "Basilissa."
| Fixed solid footing not being detected properly.
| Made Shock Charge much, much stronger.
| Made Megaspheres mitigate damage temporarily.
| Fixed cannonball effects getting stuck.
| Made Hulgyon stronger.
| Improve the Icon of Sin's effects.
| Improved the Combat Rifle's controls.
| Made the SSG unload when out of ammo.
| Improved the Omega Cannon's sounds.
| Made it easier to hit enemies with Blade and Romyetya.
| Improved menu feel in general.
| Improved Marine's pistol.
| Made Blade not take mana.
| Made bosses more difficult.
| Fixed phantoms being hyper and stupid (but not hyperstupid.)
| Rebalanced attributes a bit.
| Nerfed Vitality.
| Reduced the amount of ammo Feuer uses.
| Made obituaries show on the HUD proper.
| Improved Colorful Hell compatibility.
| Fixed Shut Up and Lithium compatibility.
| Fixed the Finalizer upgrade not destroying monsters correctly.
| Fixed a lot of typos.
| Fixed the ion rifle being reloadable while scoped.
| Made the falling grunt sound play less.
| Improved performance while raining.
| Got rid of dead code.
- Removed ZDoom 2.8.1 compatibility.
] GZDoom 3.5 or greater is required now.
- Removed Serious Mode.

(Nov. 22, 2017) From 1.5.2 to 1.5.3:
+ Added a player levelling system with 7 stats.
] Monsters will scale to your level.
+ Added palette flashes for picking up special items.
+ Added a puff to homing SMG tracers.
+ Added a separate animation for when phantoms escape.
+ Added new explosive barrels.
+ Added new pickup sprites for ammo and skull keys.
+ Added a debug weapon.
+ Added more quit messages.
+ Added an idle sound to the Star Destroyer.
+ Added compatibility for Cheogsh and Eternal Doom 4.
| Changed maximum monster level from 100 to 150.
| Increased game-over timer by 50 hours.
| Made Modal Rifle not require a CBI upgrade.
| Changed payout gain and tax.
| Changed ammo pickup score multiplier.
| Fixed selling weapons giving extra score.
| Fixed the aspect ratio of HUD elements.
| Made boss health easier to read while healthbars are disabled.
| Improved performance in high-monster-density maps.
| Improved GUI performance slightly.
| Changed the default automap colors.
| Replaced the small font and console fonts.
| Made players not collide with eachother in multiplayer.
| Fixed Cyber-Mage's magic selector breaking weapons in multiplayer.
| Fixed pause-in-menus breaking stuff in multiplayer.
| Fixed visual rank not being set properly on non-compatible enemies.
| Fixed Heretic weapons not being replaced.
| Fixed Phantoms turning into chickens breaking the confines of reality.
| Fixed the size of Rend and the SMG's tracer bullets.
| Fixed PauseManager sometimes crashing the VM.
- Removed mana regeneration.

(Sep. 4, 2017) From 1.5.1 to 1.5.2:
| Fixed function pointer errors on upgrade init.

(Sep. 4, 2017) From 1.5 to 1.5.1:
+ Added an auto-save setting.
+ Added an API, so external C code can access all of Lithium by LOADing lithmain.
+ Added indicators for upgrades that work with eachother.
+ Added a footstep sound setting.
+ Added a view tilt setting.
+ Added the Elec. Binding upgrade.
+ Added the Shock Charge upgrade.
+ Added the Stealth System upgrade.
+ Added an active (HUD) debug level (0x02/log_devh).
+ Added a new class selection screen.
+ Added a new skill selection screen.
+ Added a system for allowing Phantoms to spawn mid-level.
+ Added magic selection animations.
+ Added a world sprite for Hulgyon.
+ Added a magazine drop setting.
+ Added sprites for the CBI upgrades that had placeholder sprites.
| Improved the SPAS' reload animation (thanks, Shivers!)
| Improved the SMG's reload animation slightly
| Improved the Combat Rifle's reload animation slightly
| Fixed junk frames in Extra Hard enemies.
| Fixed death exits adding a bunch of junk to the upgrades menu.
| Fixed the "resurrect" cheat not working.
| Fixed the SPAS description listing the wrong capacity.
| Made Romyetya and Blade do more damage with Berserk.
| Changed the way magic selection works, closing the menu will select now.
| Moved source code out of the packaged file.
| Changed the compression from 7-zip to Zip, due to performance issues.
| Made the Ion Rifle allow switching while reloading.
| Buffed the SPAS.
| Reduced the ammo taken by the Pulse Charger.
| Made the Overloader upgrade un-scope when firing.
| Changed the settings menu slightly.
| Made Performance Rating more transparent for Cyber-Mage (as he doesn't use it.)
| Made dialogue/terminal text log to the console.
| Made Feuer not flash the screen when firing.
| Re-balanced Cyber-Mage's weapon upgrade prices.
| Fixed malignant null pointer dereferences.
| Rewrote James' defeat message.
- Removed the trail from Delear's world sprite.
- Removed Score Golf mode

(Aug. 25, 2017) From 1.5 beta to 1.5:
+ Added the remaining Methods:
] Blade, slot 1 - small slash, basic melee
] Feuer, slot 3 - fires out two fireballs
] Delear, slot 2 - fires out 16 projectiles in succession
] Romyetya, slot 4 - rapid slashing attacks
] Hulgyon, slot 5 - fires pillars of energy infront of you
] Hosh'danma, slot 6 - violently fires out a bunch of stars
] Cercle de la Mort, slot 7.
+ Added the remaining upgrades. Go figure those out yourself I'm tired.
+ Added the Shock Rifle, slot 3 Cyber-Mage weapon.
+ Added all the intermission screen stuff.
+ Added pickup sprites for Cyber-Mage.
+ Added sprites for the Ion Rifle.
+ Added new menus! All of them! Really, launch the game! THEY'RE COOL THANK YOU JIMMY
+ Added the Ghost GUI theme.
+ Added the Bassilla GUI theme (thanks, Shivers and Kurashiki!)
+ Added in-game changelog.
+ Added missing info pages.
+ Added new info pages.
+ Added the rest of Cyber-Mage's mail.
+ Added messages when defeating phantoms.
+ Added an animation when the SMG overheats.
+ Added an armor type indicator to Cyber-Mage's HUD.
+ Added more pickup sounds.
+ Added Cyber-Mage's Charge Fist sprites.
| Fixed death exits not deinitializing stuff properly.
| Made Star Shot take less mana.
| Fixed weird UDMF maps breaking things.
| Made air-sliding usable when the jet booster is uncharged.
| Improved the way rain audio is handled.
| Made item glow specific to class.
| Improved performance when using ZScript.
| Separated ammo/magazine counting on the HUD.
| Changed the log color for Cyber-Mage.
| Improved the way mail messages and environment settings are handled.
| Made the laser rifle trail prettier.
| Changed the way the Star Destroyer targets enemies, making it even more deadly.
| Fixed the log being positioned wrong for Cyber-Mage.
| Raised the base difficulty to 10.
| Slightly nerfed the Sniper Rifle.
| Made Barons never infight with Knights.
| Fixed some info pages never being unlocked.
| Increased the Missile Launcher's damage.
| Slightly changed the SMG's draw sound.
| Moved the TITLEMAP to the doom2 filter, so it won't make some games unplayable.
| Made rain effects better (thanks, Kate!)
| Fixed some ZScript event handler bugs.
| Optimized enemy barrier display, improving performance a ton on huge maps.
| Changed the font on settings menu headers.
| Fixed homing rockets having the wrong sprite when spawning.
| Made mana pickups rainbow-y.
| Fixed a bunch of errors in the boss code. Whoops.
| Made the Finalizer upgrade stronger.
| Made Finalizer deal damage on hit.
| Made Finalizer disintegrate enemies when killed.
| Fixed Hell Knight attack frames.
| Made the monster tracker allocate into a different adderess space. (This is faster.)
| Improved performance slightly in some trigonometry-heavy areas.
| Fixed CBI items being installable twice.
| Made damage bobbing a bit smoother.
| Made the enemy checker simpler and more robust.
| Fixed Delear taking too much Mana.
| Fixed shop weapons not being given correctly.
| Probably fixed some crashing. Probably.

(Jul. 17, 2017) From 1.5 alpha 2 to 1.5 beta:
+ Enemies now have a level and rank, which determine their health and resistances, et al.
+ Added 3 spells for Cyber-Mage: Delear, Hulgyon and Star Shot.
+ Added a spell selection menu.
+ Added Mana.
+ Added support for monster mods that don't account for Lithium.
+ Added extra support for Colorful Hell.
+ Added new upgrades for Cyber-Mage, half of which are not implemented yet. The implemented ones include:
] Soul Cleaver
] Finalizer
] SMG Trimag
] Seeker Rounds
] Safety System
] Longinus Solspear
| Improved the settings menu.
| Fixed extremely terrible balance issues.
| Fixed rain only spawning in your line of sight.
| Fixed horrible performance issues with the pause-in-menus setting.
| Made weapon pickup sounds play when selling the weapon.
| Made the Star Destroyer sound slightly nicer in OpenAL.
| Made the Combat Rifle never auto-aim.
| Fixed the Barrier powerup not displaying stacked uses properly.
| Made the Spider Mastermind slightly more dangerous.
| Made the SPAS reload faster.
| Made the upgrades screen prettier.
+ Re-added Heretic support.
+ Added a "log ammo pickups" setting.
+ Added more info pages.
+ Added more unique pickup sounds.
+ Added a "no item effects" setting.
+ Added a pickup sprite for Cyber-Mage's shotgun.
| Decreased memory usage.
| Made the Charge Fist not suck, thanks to Yholl.
| Made the Vital Scanner an implicit upgrade, as it is now necessary.
| Made the Ion Rifle reload automatically on its final shot.
| Fixed upgrades being updated while the game is paused.
| Made the Star Destroyer's projectile smaller.
| Fixed infinite noise emittance with sv_weaponstay on.
+ Added new endings for both player classes.
+ Added more debugging settings.
+ Added something.
- Removed the slide indicator from the HUD

(Jul. 7, 2017) From 1.5 alpha to 1.5 alpha 2:
| Fixed pausing weapons being caused from external sources (which broke the adrenaline upgrade completely.)

(Jul. 7, 2017) From 1.4 to 1.5 alpha:
+ Added a new player class, the Cyber-Mage. Currently incomplete.
] He has 9 weapons as of now:
] Slot 1: Knife (same as Marine's)
] Slot 1: Charge Fist (same as Marine's)
] Slot 2: Mateba
] Slot 3: Electro Rifle (not implemented)
] Slot 3: Shotgun (not Marine's)
] Slot 4: SMG
] Slot 5: Ion Rifle
] Slot 6: Plasma Rifle (same as Marine's)
] Slot 7: Star Destroyer
] Magic 3: Delear (not obtainable yet)
] Magic 5: Hulgyon (not implemented)
] Magic 6: Star Shot (not implemented)
+ Added searching to the info panel.
+ Added an adrenaline indicator to the HUD.
+ Added a test map (named TESTMAP).
+ Added some environment/ambience settings. May act slightly weird sometimes.
+ Added map spawn IDs for stuff.
+ Added a No Bosses CVar (lith_sv_nobosses).
+ Added dialogue and terminal systems. Don't ask.
+ Added 007 Mode extra upgrade.
+ Added behaviour for several Extra Hard enemies.
| Fixed some rather major bugs.
| Merged extras addon with the main mod.
] ZScript is auto-detected, so it only enables ZScript-only features when available.
] The mod still mainly targets ZDoom 2.8.1, however running it in newer GZDoom versions is now stable and will give you extra features.
| Fixed a lot of spelling errors.
| Made the HUD weapon numbers change color when you have more weapons in that slot.
| Fixed the Spider Mastermind not being terrifying enough.
| Made the rifle clickier as it runs out of ammo.
| Compressed some sounds, reducing the overall file size.
| Fixed some weird balance issues.
| Fixed chaingunners using the wrong sound.
| Replaced slider ticking sound to be less terrible.
| Changed the ground hit sound for the Move Wetware upgrade.
| Fixed bought upgrades actually not giving the right upgrade sometimes. WHOOPS
| Decreased the price of extra upgrades to be slightly more obtainable.
| Fixed pause in menus not pausing weapon states.
- Removed autogroups due to their hard-to-maintain nature. May add them back in 1.5 beta in some way.
- Removed heretic support. 2hard4me
+ Added fun

(Apr. 14, 2017) From 1.3.1 to 1.4:
+ Added Phantoms.
+ Added a CBI upgrades/performance system.
+ Added GUI themes.
+ Added a Plasma Pistol upgrade.
+ Added a Particle Beam upgrade.
+ Added a Laser Rifle upgrade.
+ Added a Homing Rocket upgrade.
+ Added new sprites for the Gauss Rifle.
+ Added a Quick Knife buttom.
+ Added a mail system.
+ Added LegenDoom Lite compatibility.
+ Added a score golf mode.
+ Added a teleport-in-items setting.
+ Added a bright weapon pickups setting.
+ Released Extras addon.
+ Released Damage Bob Only mod.
+ Added filtering to the upgrades screen.
| Improved the Upgrades screen.
| Fixed performance issues with the Settings screen.
| Replaced the HUD's background color with black.
| Made the SSG faster, and stronger.
| Fixed the Combat Rifle and Sniper Rifle not actually being hitscan.
| Gave Hell Knights/Barons and Cacodemons proper blood colors.
| Re-fixed shop buy messages logging wrong.
| Added the Charge Fist to the shop.
| Fixed some of the info pages.
| Fixed weapon pickups murdering framerate while the level is frozen.
| Fixed the Laser Shotgun not resetting pitch all the way.
| Fixed CVarInfo error under certain games.
| Made weapon pickups look better in OpenGL.
| Fixed weapon pickups breaking in maps with specials attached to weapons.
| Buffed the Charge Fist.
| Replaced bullet pickup graphics.
| Added a noise when getting hit with Reactive Armor protection.
| Improved the readability of info pages with images.
| Decreased the backpack discount percentage.
| Moved the Settings screen to the BIP.
| Moved keys on the HUD to the top of the screen.
| Fixed obituary messages with the Instant Death downgrade.
| Slightly rebalanced score given by enemies.
- Removed fun
+ Definitely did not add evil gost.

(Mar. 16, 2017) From 1.3 to 1.3.1:
| Fixed maps with ACS scripts in them occasionally causing reality to collapse.
| Gave the charge fist a better animation and range.
| Fixed resurrected enemies not getting poisoned.
| Increased shell ammo to 60.
+ Added a setting for cursor speed.

(Mar. 16, 2017) From 1.2 to 1.3:
| Rebalanced a lot of stuff, mainly weapons and score amounts.
| Made the cannon a lot easier to use.
| Redid the GUI a bit. Mainly, stretched it from 320x200 to 320x240.
| Improved scrollbars significantly.
| Re-did the heads up display.
+ Added Auto-Groups, which let you quickly toggle or buy upgrades, as well as auto-buy them.
+ Added the Super Shotgun.
+ Added the Missile Launcher.
+ Added the Charge Fist (replaces chainsaw.)
+ Added a pickup sprite for the Omega Cannon.
+ Added a Poison Shotgun upgrade.
+ Added indicators for mode changes/current mode of the reactive armor upgrade.
+ Added a display for current score multiplier on the upgrades screen.
+ Added a setting for clearing the combat rifle's mode when switching weapons.
+ Added a setting for hiding the log.
+ Added a setting for drawing the log from the top of the screen.
+ Added settings for the Vital Scanner upgrade.
+ Added enemy compatibility checker.
+ Added a titlemap and title music.
+ Added (badly written) intermission texts.
+ Added a pretty loading screen.
+ Added missing info pages.
+ Added info pages for enemies, some companies I forgot to mention, and new places.
+ Added an implicit upgrade for zooming in on stuff.
+ Added serious mode.
| Polished the upgrades panel.
| Polished the info panel.
| Made the Move Wetware's ground stomp actually useful.
| Made sold weapon messages more descriptive.
| Fixed sold weapon prices being wrong.
| Fixed bad wording in a lot of the info pages.
| Fixed bad wording in some upgrade descriptions.
| Fixed GUI sliders being wonky.
| Fixed the sniper rifle making things fly into oblivion.
| Made the vital scanner freak out on strong enemies.
| Fixed Auto Reload not having a description.
| Fixed the pistol's info page.
| Fixed the arachnotron/spider mastermind names being wrong.
| Changed some miscallaneous text.
| Improved the way the Adrenaline upgrade works.
| Fixed items being picked up too much.
| Fixed score multiplier not being applied occasionally.
| Made the Punctuator Cannon take more ammo.
| Nerfed the reactive armor upgrade.
| Fixed rockets acting weird at certain angles.
| Made the Vital Scanner upgrade cheaper.
- Removed some items from the shop.

(Feb. 1, 2017) From 1.1 to 1.2:
+ Added logos for companies in the BIP
+ Added a log tab to the CBI for showing things you've done or used
+ Added lith_player_scorelog for logging any score you gain to the HUD
+ Added Heretic support
+ Added new pickup sprites for the shotgun, plasma rifle and combat rifle
+ Added a Revolver weapon to the shop
+ Added new skill definitions - tourist, easy, normal, hard, extra hard, and nightmare
+ Added an automatic pistol upgrade
+ Gave the grenade launcher an actual grenade firing altfire
+ Added a Vital Scanner upgrade, which lets you see an enemy's health and the damage you deal to them
+ Added a new debugging cvar
+ Added a payout system, where you get paid based on percentages when you beat a level or hub
+ Added an Auto Reload upgrade, which loads your guns for you while they're not selected
+ Added a Laser Shotgun weapon to the shop
+ Added a Sniper Rifle weapon to the shop
+ Added a knife which replaces the fist
+ Added menu sounds and a smallfont replacement
| Made the pistol do more damage
| Probably fixed more crashes
| Made combat rifle spit blood better
| Made the cannon a bit easier to aim
| Fixed revenant missiles changing state when adrenaline is activated
| Fixed all the crashes ever probably
| Changed the pistol's capacity to 14 rounds instead of 7
| Moved murderous enemies to the Extra Hard skill
| Fixed not being able to pick up weaons sometimes
| Made the pistol, rocket launcher and shotgun's firing animations better
| Fixed the spiral rocket attack not being strong enough and not doing damage to Cyberdemons
| Gave the Gauss Rifle 5 extra rounds
| Fixed scopes being offset wrong
| Buffed the rocket launcher's attacks
| Nerfed the shotgun's attacks
| Fixed the barrier powerup acting weirdly sometimes
| Fixed flashes not showing up on players in co-op
| Reduced file size by compressing music
| Made the punctuator cannon's attacks pitchable
| Buffed bosses quite a bit
| Buffed some weapons

(Jan. 19, 2017) From 1.0 to 1.1:
+ Added an indicator for weapons that take ammo and ones that have magazines
+ Added reloading to the rifle, which now has a 40-round magazine that must be reloaded but doesn't take ammo
+ Added the Defensive Mini Nuke upgrade
+ Made the player explode on death in singleplayer, togglable with lith_sv_revenge
+ Gave grenades a small smoke trail
+ Added weapon readying sounds to the Former Human and Former Sergeant
+ Added the Adrenaline Injector upgrade
+ Moved the HUD into an upgrade, so it can be disabled (also gives you extra score)
+ Gave the Mancubus a new attack
+ Gave the Cyberdemon a new attack
+ Added powerups to the shop
+ Added a score multiplier view to the upgrades shop so you can see what gives how much
+ Added the Instant Death downgrade
+ Added reloading to the Gauss Shotgun (now Gauss Rifle), which has a 10-round magazine
+ Added a settings page to the CBI which lets you set up CVars
+ Gave the Hell Knight a new attack
+ Gave the Omega Cannon new sprites, new effects and better balance
+ Added the Reactive Armor 2 upgrade
+ Added the Omega Railgun upgrade!
+ Gave the Shotgun new sprites/animations by Sgt. Shivers
+ Gave the Megasphere and Soulsphere new sprites
+ Added a custom Teleport Fog effect
+ Gave the Baron of Hell a new attack
+ Made the Blur Sphere into a Barrier powerup
+ Added fun
| Fixed the laser rifle making too many particles, destroying FPS (sadly it doesn't look as nice anymore)
| Fixed a potential script overrun in the first tic that could cause weird bugs
| Fixed deselecting the Punctuator Cannon while scoped breaking things
| Fixed the Blue Skull Key giving a wrong pickup message
| Made inputs a bit snappier
| Improved scope visuals
| Fixed enemies not giving score on XDeath
| Changed the price of Torgue Mode
| Changed the amount of score the base upgrades take, making it easier to obtain score
| Improved GUI behaviour
| Fixed powerups not having the correct sound
| Improved the Charge Launcher description
| Nerfed the Gauss Rifle and the Combat Rifle further
| Made the Charge Launcher better
| Tweaked prices on upgrades
| Fixed cannon explosion sounds sometimes not playing
| Nerfed the Reactive Armor
| Probably fixed a ton of crashes
| Fixed there not being a space inbetween pickup messages and the forward arrow
| Fixed a bunch of things not alerting monsters
| Fixed inconsistencies log messages
| Made the scope on the Combat Rifle's burst fire mode optional (disabled by default)
| Fixed the Lost Souls giving too much Score
| Added Thing ID validation to the player, which should possibly fix more advanced ZDoom maps breaking

(Jan. 10, 2017) From 1.0 rc3 to 1.0:
| Improved the Omega Cannon's animation
| Buffed the Omega Cannon's cannonballs
| Changed plasma bolt's speed from 55 to 50
| Fixed the rifle's scope being off-center
| Fixed the sword being given with idkfa
| Fixed the Gauss Shotgun and Plasma Rifle's puff sounds not always playing
| Fixed the response time on weapons, they shouldn't feel as odd anymore
+ Torgue mode makes you explode when you gain score

(Jan. 10, 2017) From 1.0 rc2 to 1.0 rc3:
| Credits updated
| Fixed view height not being reset on map exit
| Fixed HUD weapon numbers not corresponding to keys
| Fixed player view height being too high
+ Make the Punctuator Cannon's penetrating explosions have graphics

(Jan. 9, 2017) From 1.0 rc1 to 1.0 rc2:
| Fixed pk7 not being compiled correctly

Скрытый текст:

- I have possibly miscredited or forgotten to credit some people.
- Please do tell me if I did.

- If you want to use something from this mod, *please* ask me (Marrub) first.
- I don't want myself or anyone else who's given me stuff (directly or not)
- to get pissed off because proper attribution or permission wasn't given.

- Sound credits are all in the "sndinfo" files in comments.

See licenses/copylib.txt for license information on GDCC libc, as included in
linked binary form in <acs/lithlib.bin>.

Sources for GDCC libc can be found at <https://github.com/DavidPH/GDCC>.

Source code for Lithium can be found at <https://github.com/marrub--/Lithium>.

End of game music

Title music (hYmns - Shredder)

Sounds for stuff

Anthony Cole
Test map marine sprites

Vent texture

Glorious, glorious GDCC
Lots of help with a lot of things
Cool guy

Gauss Shotgun idle sprite

Green Den
Test map music (Dandalins Story)

Lots of help with ZScript

SteggleSphere sprites

Image used as a base for the SMG sprite
Cool guy

Fonts! All of them, except the SMALLFNT, alien font and HUD font
Added some missing characters to the CBIFONT for me (which he also made)
Really, like, this guy is kind of crazy great
Made the base MENUDEFs for me

Some specific, old code is based off of Error: Doom code
(This was originally a mod of Error: Doom, which is an awesome mod!)
Blank sphere used as a base for the the Blursphere
Prettied up the rain effects
Intermission text and background

Said a nice thing
I think
Fallout 4 sound rip
Phantasy Star Nova sound rip

Marrub (me)
Almost everything not mentioned here

Score item sprites
Backpack pickup
Rocket Box pickup

Marty Kirra
Many advice
Cool guy

Smooth explosion sprites

BLLTR0 sprite


Briefcase sprite (WUPGA0)

Sgt. Shivers
Shooting my shootyguns
Shotgun sprites
Revolver sprites (from Powerslave originally)
Mateba reload animation
SPAS reload animation
Windows XP theme

Halo 3 sound rip

Intermission music (The Alchemist)

SHKRA0/B0 and a shitload of sound sources
Help with finding some sprites to work with

Image used as a base for the Shock Rifle sprite

Image used as a base for the Star Destroyer sprite

Help with HUD design
Cool guy

Help with making fonts, suggestions for HUD
Sleeves for Cyber-Mage
Cool guy

Xaser Acheron
Bullet puffs
Probably some other stuff I took from Psychic
Help with code stuff

Effects from LegenDoom
Help with a buncha stuff
Descriptions for some of the extra upgrades
Ideas for a lot of stuff
Marathon resources
Re-texturing the TITLEMAP for me
Missile Launcher code
Made the Charge Fist not suck
eviel gost

Image used as a base for the SPAS sprite
Lots of help with ZScript

zrrion the insect
Full sprites for the Grenade Launcher, Pistol and Plasma Rifle
Skull keys
Health pickups
Cell Pack pickup

--- Individual Credits

Cannon sprites
Minigunner - Centered DNF enforcer gun
Solo Spaghetti - Skull SSG
Bloax - Edit of skull SSG with barrel
Slax - Edit of skull SSG with scope
Marrub - Redraw

Combat Rifle sprites
Sgt. Shivers - Model rip
TheRailgunner - Edit of model rip
Marrub - Small edits

Laser Shotgun sprites
Mike12 - Vented shotgun
GAA1992, Cage & Scuba Steve - Auto shotgun
Marrub - Redraw of sights and design

Sniper Rifle sprites
MrEnchanter - Sniper rifle sprite
Marrub - Redrawing and detailing, re-handing
Sgt. Shivers - Firing animation

Super Shotgun sprites
Captain J

Ion Rifle sprites
monkeybtm6 - Weapon rip from Disruptor
torridGristle - Assault rifle sprite
Marrub - Redraw

Bassilla GUI theme
Kurashiki - Bassilla art
Sgt. Shivers - Everything else

1. Сталкивался с неприятным багом, связанным с апгрейдом оружия: при активированном апгрейде Overloader для Ion Cannon, выстрел из оной волыны намертво замораживает дальнейшую возможность стрельбы и смены оружия.
2. Прокачка регенерации повышает максимальный предел, до которого регенерирует ваше здоровье: при значении 50 ваше здоровье может отрегенить только до значения 51, а при 130 - до 131, т. е. свыше нормы!

Рейтинг сообщения: +3, отметил(и): klerk, JSO x, camper
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Ссылка на пост №2 Отправлено: 16.02.18 13:36:10
Столкнулся с тем, что в Ц/БИ начинает проседать фпс (версия гзд 3.2.5), да и на самой карте тоже. Было подозрение что это из-за частиц - но где их отключить - не нашел.
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Void Weaver
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Ссылка на пост №3 Отправлено: 17.02.18 01:22:15
Столкнулся с тем, что в Ц/БИ начинает проседать фпс (версия гзд 3.2.5), да и на самой карте тоже.
1. Честно говоря, я с таким не сталкивался, хотя у меня ПК почти 10-летней давности. Зато слышал что многие жаловались на тормоза из-за дождя; попробуй его отключить в игровом меню - вкладка settings->опция "Rain in outside areas" (в самом низу).
2. Если ты качал с гитхаба, то это мой косяк - пардоньте. На гитхабе всё же дев-билд который может нести кучу багов. Сейчас поправил первую ссылку поста, так что для начала попробуй перекачать и посмотреть как будет идти с этой версией.

Было подозрение что это из-за частиц - но где их отключить - не нашел.
Если ты о настройках порта то в
Options->Display Options->ползунок Number of particles.

К слову, Грэм готовит релиз 1.6 с рядом новых фич, переделок и твиков. Например планируется инвентарь и новая система брони:
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Ссылка на пост №4 Отправлено: 17.02.18 02:34:47
Void Weaver с такими же лагами я столкнулся при обилии спектров в одном месте.
У меня скачана эта версия, ибо с гитхаба я даже не смог запустить.
Дождь вырублен.
Void Weaver:
Если ты о настройках порта то в

Лагает именно мод и я не сильно понимаю почему. Да и не на всех картах.
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Ссылка на пост №5 Отправлено: 17.02.18 19:31:09
Хммм... Похоже что тормоза появились как раз в 1.5.3 и видимо Грэм знает причину; по существу только
>>>>> [[[[Known Bugs]]]]

The game will sometimes begin to lag like crazy, seemingly at random.
This has been fixed as of GZDoom 3.3pre.

На данный момент можешь попробовать GZDoom 3.3pre или Литиум 1.5.2 как вариант.
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Ссылка на пост №6 Отправлено: 26.06.18 16:42:30
Вопрос такой. За что отвечает стат удачи в моде? В менюшке пишет только о случайном шансе. Шансе чего?
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Ссылка на пост №7 Отправлено: 26.06.18 18:21:35
Цитата от Марруба:
Attributes go from 0-150, with a fake cap of 100. After levelling past 100, the bar will become rainbow-colored.
ACC (Accuracy) multiplies your damage ACC/210 times.
DEF (Defense) protects you from all damage DEF/290 times.
STR (Strength) increases your health capacity by one for every point, and also increases your overhealth capacity.
VIT (Vitality) multiplies medikit and stimpack pickup gains by 1 + VIT/30.
STM (Stamina) regenerates your health up to STM+1 points every (175 - STM) / 37.5 * 15 gametics.
LUK (Luck) multiplies score gained by 1 + Random(0, LUK / 77.7).
RGE (Rage) adds RGE * damagetaken / 1000 to a damage multiplier that linearly interpolates away to 0 over time.
Конкретно удача - за ко-во бабла. В будущих версиях обещает изменить\дополнить эффект этого стата.
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Ссылка на пост №8 Отправлено: 26.06.18 23:22:52
Void Weaver ага, спасибо)
Кстати, что там с новой версией, ибо мой английский не очень?
4 2
Void Weaver
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Ссылка на пост №9 Отправлено: 26.06.18 23:47:44
Пилит потихонечку, а вообще, дату релиза Грэм не анонсировал. Емнип, где-то фигурировала "осень" - то ли до осени, то ли осенью.
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Void Weaver
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Ссылка на пост №10 Отправлено: 28.12.18 16:59:01
16 октября вышла версия 1.6.

Если вкратце, внедрена система кликабельного инвентаря, переработана механика брони, улучшена системная совместимость, подкручен баланс и оптимизирована производительность.
Теперь для запуска необходим GZDoom 3.5.0+
Обновил ОП.

В следующем релизе планируется ввести новый класс.
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